Within the birthplace of our new democracy we find FACTION MEDIA PRODUCTIONS, the largest above-the-line advertising agency in Pretoria – where inspiration, creativity and strategy shape the FACTION reputation for brand development, marketing and advertising.

FACTION’s sustained exponential growth over the past fifteen years is perhaps best explained by our clients’ recognition: In Objectivity’s annual survey (during which approximately 1 500 advertisers represented by 150 advertising agencies are interviewed), FACTION consistently rates as one of South Africa’s best overall performing advertising agencies. In fact, in 2009/10 FACTION received the highest overall mark – based on twenty criteria ranging from creativity and speed to strategy and cost-effectiveness.

Branding, Marketing & Advertising

FACTION offers an all-encompassing service in terms of brand development, marketing and advertising on all media platforms – including television, radio, print, outdoor, online and new media.

Brand differentiation is a key focus which informs everything we do.

Also, in order to promote transparency and enabling partnerships with brand managers, we demystify esoteric industry jargon.

Media: Research, Strategy & Planning

In addition to offering our clients a fleet of superlative in-house production facilities, FACTION is accredited as a media buyer by the Media Credit Consortium (MCC). FACTION features its own Telmar research facilities, with research conducted by the South African Research Foundation (SAARF).

Combined with up-to-the-minute data from media owners, Telmar statistics are processed and integrated into astute, on-the-button strategies by our dynamic team of media planners.

Creatives / Production Studios

Moreover, all Creatives – ranging from copywriters to producers – are centralised at the agency, for the convenience of clients and brand managers.

FACTION’s facilities incorporate filming, production and post-production studios for television, radio, print, on-line and outdoor campaigns. Because everything is in-house, FACTION is able to deliver favourable turn-around time on all productions and guarantee excellence throughout every step of the process.

We do the work we believe in

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